Posted on 12 May 2009

I’m going through a bag phase at the moment.ย  Have been making a few when I can, mostly out of fabric from my Nana’s stash (thanks, Nana) and am finding it very satisfying.ย  They don’t take too long, don’t use much fabric, don’t need to be fitted and hopefully you end up with something useful when you finish!

Here are a couple of my first ones:


This tote bag fabric is recycled from a knit T shirt I bought from an Op shop. I liked the floral print. The inside is lined with vintage cotton (Nana’s stash!) and a layer of thin flannel (from an old sheet) to pad it out a bit and give body.ย  I also stabilized the outer fabric with fusible/iron on interfacing to stop from stretching.

This next one is a little evening bag, just big enough for the essentials:Little green bag

I’m not sure what the outer fabric is, it was semi sheer and reminded me of my Nana’s curtains…maybe it was a scrap of that? But it looked pretty anyway, especially over the teal lining. The inside is lined with a coordinating velveteen fabric and as you can see the handle is beaded.ย  I gave this bag to a friend as a birthday gift.

And this one is the last one I have made, to give to my Mum for Mothers day:

Mum's bag

It’s a bit hard to see the details – this is what happens when photo’s are taken at night ๐Ÿ™

The fabric is a yummy soft velvet with a large velvet covered button closure and handย  stitched ruching on the front.ย  Took a lot of fiddling to do!


  • Raewyn

    I have been thinking about my requirements for a mummy tote bag. I quite liked one that I used to use a lot – it isn’t a real nappy bag, just a fairly cheap bag I bought ages ago (the lining is ripping out of it now). It is 35cm across and 31cm high. The straps are 36cm from the middle of the bag to the apex of the strap – sits nicely on my shoulder (which I have decided is better than the cross-the-body idea). Would be good to have a zip on top with a toddler proof clip on it. Also a little cellphone pocket inside, and maybe even a small separated compartment where a wallet/purse could be quickly retrieved without rifling through nappies, spare clothes, etc. Everything else could just be thrown in together. All this is a nice funky vintage fabric would be really cool. A waterproof compartment and a built in changing mat could be a nice selling point, though not essential for me.
    How much do you reckon you would charge for something like that? I’ll pay you the going rate ๐Ÿ™‚

  • karlene

    I would have to do a sample first, then figure out how long it would take me to do a small production run to get a true price. Not sure what I could use for a toddler proof clip though, is there such a thing? ๐Ÿ™‚

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