Ewan’s sleeping bag

Posted on 08 April 2009

Ewan's sleeping bagI made my elder son a custom sized sleeping bag when he was a toddler. My husband Keith and I used to camp quite a lot so we needed something for him to sleep in without spending too much hard earned cash.

It is designed to fit two self-inflating sleeping mats inside for padding, with a bit folded over at the top as a “pillow”. Keith came up with this idea yet still insists on using it with the mats sticking out the top and having a real pillow on top!

The bottom piece is two layers gabardine for durability, (the mat fits in between these) the top is blue polar fleece and the lining is flannel.

I copied some fish motifs from my favorite duvet cover to make applique shapes from scraps of fleece. The seaweed shape was drawn freehand and reversed for the other side.

It was very tricky to get all the layers in their correct place when sewing up, and I had to unpick seams a few times ๐Ÿ™ but the end result was worth it, and my son liked it very much.

Ewan inside the sleeping bag


  • Raewyn

    I'll have to get you to give me detailed instructions on how you did this – I'm thinking of making sleeping bags like this for Kayleigh and Samantha.

  • KarleneC

    Hmmm, will have to think about that one, and try and draw a 3D sandwich or something. As I remember it was quite tricky and I had to unpick a whole lot of seams more than once!

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