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I Confess…

  • 15/06/2010 2:02 pm

Well this is kind of embarrassing. Not only have I not posted anything in AGES, this post is to confess that I went shopping and purchased some new stuff. So for the first time, here is my get out of jail free card.

Get out of Jail

It is mid-winter here in NZ and I was feeling very cold, so I bought a couple of merino thermal shirts, (on sale!) a knit jumper/jersey and a fine knit cardi. In my defense, I did think about making some merino shirts but I knew that by the time I got around to finding the fabric and then making the things, winter would be almost over. And the fabric costs as much to buy as the shirts themselves did!

I have been refashioning a few things, mostly denim skirts and am waiting to get some nice model shots before I post pictures.